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Lets get this clear without a doubt Frank Enoch Teah Jr. is Lebron’s biggest fan period! However, while explaining to you’ll why he’s the greatest player in today’s game and why he may end up as arguably the best ever, i will try my best to keep my biases aside.Below i will provide you’ll with my analysis of James as both a fan and a scout

Fan’s analysis: Lebron is the tri product of a hummer’s strength, a Lamborghini’s speed, and a BMW’s and grace and style. Many will argue that Lebron is the greatest natural athlete in the history of sports, probably only with the exception of Bo Jackson.He came in as the most hype draft pick in NBA history and amazingly managed to live up to the hype and exceed it. In his first year reached the 20,5 and 5 plateau, a feat that only him and 3 other rookies have done in the game’s history. The other three all NBA greats Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, and Sacramento Kings newcomer Tyreke Evans.

Lebron’s game is one that has few flaws. He may be the best passer that has ever averaged 30 points in a single season( James has done this twice). Lebron is arguably the best non point guard passer in league history, with Larry”legend’ Bird being his only competition. This year James averaged 8.6 assist, surpassing Bird’s 7.5( the previous record for assist for a none point guard).  Lebron’s Defense which was once an area of concern, has now become one of his greatest strengths. Lebron’s on the ball defense has come a far way but can still stand to improve. However, his off the ball defense is arguably the best in the league. Lebron has always been an excellent off the ball thief, but over the past three years he has become the master of the chase-down block. You know what I’m talking about, the play where an opponent thinks they have an uncontested layup before James appears out of thin air, denying them of the easy two!

May 11, 2010

A letter to the King

Your majesty, I write this letter with great urgency. The series between your Cleveland Cavaleirs and the Boston Celtics is now three games to two.The urgency in this is that your team is the one down three games to two. WTF LEBRON!!!! You were in this same exact predicament last year. However, with you averaging 38, almost 9 and 9; no one can argue that you probably did all you could. However, this year the blame is solely on you. Your elbow may be hurt, so what! You torched the Celtics in games 1 and 3 with the elbow.  Tonight you played one of the most disappointing games that I have witnessed! Especially considering the circumstances. In front of your home crowd where you only lost 4 games all year( disregarding the two home losses in this series to Boston smh) you shot 3 for 14 in route of being blown out by 22 points. Tonight should have been one of your defining games similar to your masterpiece at the Palace of Auburn hills a little over 3 years ago. However, in this game you came came out passing, and concerned about getting you teammates involved. Screw that Lebron!!! They call you the middle man due to your combination of both Magic’s and Jordan’s game. Well tonight me, the Cavaliers, and the entire state of Ohio needed you to be like Jordan. Tonight we needed you to go away from what makes you a great all around player and embrace what makes you a deadly assassin( at least for one night). We needed you to be like AI tonight, or Larry, MJ, Jerry West, hell even Kobe( although your better than him lol). Although you made the finals in your fourth season, the basketball  scriptures have been pointing to this season. The 7th year or the culmination year, as I like to call it. Your finest NBA season to date all across the board! Also the year in which the G.O.A.T one his his first ring! So as you go to Boston on Thursday with the spirit of the late great Red Auerbach heckling you from the stands, remember that you Lebron Raymone James have a date with destiny. And not Red, the Celtics, the Magic, or anyone, else will allow fine Destiny to stand you up! So as you try to win these next two games remember how much is at stake when you grace the court. Do this for me, your biggest fan, Gloria- your loving mother, Savannah-your loving girlfriend and hopefully future wife, Lebron Jr. and Bryce-your beautiful boys, your housing projects in Akron, the City of Cleveland: but most importantly do this for your LEGACY!!!


Frank Teah

What should be going through his head

We are 4 hours away from  tip off of the biggest game of your life.  in the wake of your disappointing performance in perhaps the biggest game of your life to date, you have been the center of mass criticism! And for good reason, after all you are the world’s best basketball player and maybe the world’s best athlete. You have shown the ability to thrive in games like this. In 2007 you scored 48 points including your teams last 25 points at the palace; putting your team in position to send the Pistons home in front of your home crowd. Then in 2009 with your team down three games to one against the magic facing  elimination, you scored 37 point, 14 rebounds, and 12 assist. What did you do in the clutch? Your closing ability which was once a weak point, on this day you showed the world why you are one of the leagues clutches performers. In the crucial fourth quarter where the men are separated from the boys, you scored 17 points and 5 assist, you either scored or assisted on every Cavaliers field goal in the 4th quarter. Lebron you were built for moments like these. Show the world why you so nonchalantly answered questions about your poor performance in game 5. Erase these new found theories that you aren’t hungry for a championship, or that you don’t care, or that this is part of conspiracy theory to leave Cleveland for free agency. Although you shouldn’t have to; reassure the world why you are known as the King, the the gift, and the Chosen one. Lebron show the world why this is is truly the era of LEBRON!!!

Was the weight of Ohio too much for Lebron’s Muscular Shoulders?

As I write this a little over an hour after the biggest lost in Lebron’s career, I write this from the standpoint of a heartbroken fan of Lebron, as well of a stern follower and analyst of the game. What went wrong. A lot of things, First off the other night Lebron said a true statement that probably shouldn’t have been said.” My play spoils people.” It does, because of his unselfishness and his ability to make those around him appear better, people believed that the Cavaliers were better than they actually were. His play is what allowed Cleveland’s personal to believe that they had enough pieces in place to win a championship. Also his play is what allowed the Cavaliers to settle for Antwan Jamison. Avery good player, but maybe not the ideal choice for a second option on a team with championship aspirations.

So what should Lebron Do?

Lebron’s poor performance in game 5 and his defeat in game 6 has the media, the fans of the basketball teams in New York, New Jersey, Miami, and maybe Chicago in a frenzy. They believe that the Cavaliers sooner than expected departure from the 2010 NBA playoffs is the clearest indicator that James  is done with Cleveland and headed to one of the aforementioned cities. As your biggest fan Lebron I would be more than disappointed if you left  Cleveland at all, especially after a poor outing in game five and another questionable one in the elimination game( although his numbers looked terrific on paper). I feel that you have more incentive to stay and try to bring a championship to the city in desperate need of athletic acknowledgment! Your goal this summer should be to work harder in this off season than you have ever worked before. Your should be aiming to enter the  2010-2011 season stronger, faster, bouncier, and more injury resistant than ever before. Take this time off to turn weaknesses into strengths like you have in past seasons with your jump shot and your defense( although they can both stand to improve). Turn your mid range game and your post skills into to things of beauty. Kobe enlisted the help of Hakeem the dream to improve his footwork? Fine no one likes a copycat, ask Kevin Michale to help you with yours! Do anything and everything possible to win your first championship and to help cement your rapidly growing legacy!

Lebron is still the planet’s best player, HANDS DOWN!!!

For some insane reason, some people think that Lebrons’ recent “meltdown” against the Celtics means that Kobe has regained the league’s best player title! They couldn’t be more wrong. Before I remind you why Lebron has unarguably shut that argument down. However, before I do that I want to tackle the this theory of” best player on the planet”. Some people don’t understand why this is said, when in actuality this is very simple to understand. The United states professional league is by far the most talented and most competitive league in the world. People tend to look at our failures to capture gold in 2004. However, close and careful analysis of this would show that we didn’t send our absolute players, nor did they have time to practice together; while the other teams had practiced for months with hopes of dethroning the mighty United states of America. Prior to 1992, we were so ahead of the world in basketball that we sent collegiate athletes( players ranging from about 19 to22)  to compete against grown men with pro careers and families. Our collegiate athletes destroyed the best that the world had to offer. Then in 1992 we obliterated the world when we sent the “Dream Team’ composed of about 14 hall of famers and some players who rank among the 10 best in the games history. So that is why it is corect for someone to call the the best player in the NBA the best player in the world.

Now back to business. For some some reason to every one numbers don’t lie, however Kobe lovers seem to disregard that Lebron career statistics already outweigh that of Bryant’s. Kobe fans also like to throw in the fact that Kobe has 4 rings compared to Lebron’s none. However are we forgetting g that championships are a team accolade, and in order to win it the work of an individual alone is never enough when its comes to winning it all. While we are here lets examines the real reason that three of the four championships owned by Bryant are directly owed to the leadership of someone other the brynat. Hmmmmm, I wonder who that could be.

The three peat

1st: vs. Indiana Shaq -2000.  38ppg 16.7rpg 2.3apg 2.7bpg   Kobe stat line: 15.6 ppg 4.2 apg 4.6 rpg shooting 36.7 percent from the field. However, game 3 was sort of a masterpiece as Shaq fouled out and Bryant took over in overtime as the Lakers got the road win

2nd: vs. Philly Shaq-2001 33ppg 15.8rpg 4.8apg 3.4 bpg Kobe stat line: 24.6ppg 7.8rpg 5.8 apg. a better outing his second time around solid numbers all round the board. However, its no denying that he clearly wasn’t the leaders nor do his statistics come anywhere near that of the GOAT( Michael Jordan for those of you in limbo)

3rd: vs. NJ-Shaq 2002  36.3ppg 12.3rpg 3.8apg 2.8bpg    Kobe Bryant: 26.75ppg 5.6rpg 5.2apg Kobe’s best finals appearance up to that point. Coincidentally it came in his 6 season against the lakers weakest competition in the finals.

based on these statistics i will make no judgment i would leave that for the viewers. One thing that you should probably no is that Anfernee Penny Hardaway in his his second season helped lead the magic to the finals against the Houston Rockets in 1995 (a more formidable opponent then any that the Lakers faced during the 3 peat). Once in the finals Hardaway averaged 25.5 ppg, 4.8rpg and 8 apg. way better than anything the “the air apparent” did during the three peat!

The rivalry between the two has always been there, but it didn’t truly take flight until last year as the two went head to head in various categories such as, the MVP race( James won). Performances at Madison square Garden (Bryant) and team victories (narrowly won by James. For anyone who doubts the legitimacy of this rivalry, look no further then the commercials made by Nike during the 2009 NBA playoffs involving puppets of James and Bryant hinting on a potential showdown between the two. Or how disappointed millions were when the Magic ruined their chance to witness the highly anticipated duel. The million dollar question still persist, who’s better, is it James, the 25 year old freak of nature, a physical specimen like no other in the game’s history who’s ability to dominate any aspect of the game stretches the mind’s imagination to it furthest outskirts? Or is it Bryant, the man who has been able to turn criticism and ostracism into basketball purity and beyond, at times not looking like a basketball player, but a male ballerina with basketball sneakers and a jersey on? Although this argument is close, with his ability to score, pass, rebound, defend, and will his team to victory James has my nod as the league’s best player!

Kobe Bryant aka the Black mamba is a basketball purist’s dream. From the footwork, to the jumper, all products of his unparallel work ethic, at times the precision of Bryant’s game resembles that of brain surgeon, doing it like no other while making it look way too easy. He’s the closer of closers, no doubt the most clutch performer in today’s game, and undeniably one of the most clutch players in league history. His track record is nearly impeccable: in 14 season Bryant has 4 NBA championships, an MVP award of the season and the finals, two scoring titles, an 11 time all star( 3 in which he won the game’s MVP award), and the list of accolades are endless.  Bryant maybe the most conditioned athlete in all of sports as well as the hardest worker ,this condition and worth ethic was in full display on January of 2006 when Bryant scored an insane 81 points. This put Bryant in a company of only two players to reach 80 point score more in an NBA game (the late great Wilt Chamberlain being the other).

Describing Lebron James’s game is no easy task, mainly because of the uncertainty of where to start. Let’s try to start with the amazing physique. At 6’8, whopping 250 pounds, and a wingspan of 7 feet, James is blesses with the type of length and power that gives defenders nightmares. In addition to this his physical gifts are out of this world. The man known as the “Chosen One” possesses a 44 inch vertical leap and runs a 4.5 in the 40 yard dash. What have all of these physical gifts gotten him?  How about six all start game appearances (two in which he won the game’s MVP), a scoring title, a MVP trophy, and general recognition as the game’s best all around player. Last year it looked like James mastered the art of shot blocking, adding another dimension to his alreay diverse game. It’s pretty obvious that James is a premier scorer (he’s a career 27 point scorer). However, what truly sets James apart from other great scorers in today’s game and maybe in the game’s history is his court vision and willingness to pass. James, who is referred to as the middle man for his Michael Jordan type mentality as a scorer and Magic Johnson’s mentality as a passer, finds teammates like no other non point guard today. In James’ seven seasons, he has averaged over 6 assist in six of those seasons. Considering the lack of talent that James has had on his team, this says a lot about his character and his ability to trust his teammates.

Now for the comparison, undisputedly so, Bryant is the better scorer and is more polished of a player. Bryant’s offensive arsenal and footwork may come second to none in the game’s history. Also, as mentioned earlier Bryant’s closing ability is unmatched, he seizes the moment like no other in today’s game, and is easily the more clutch paler of the two. For Bryant the buck stops there. James is by far a better Passer than Bryant is, both in vision and his willingness to pass the ball. Athletically James is faster and a better Leaper than a very explosive Kobe Bryant. Although Bryant may be a better on the ball defender (mainly because as players get older there more patient on defense while younger players tend to gamble), James is overwhelmingly the better off the ball defender. James’ ability to play the passing lanes (which normally leads to his highlight reel dunks) maybe be the best in the league. James has also become quite the shot blocker in the last two seasons. James seem to have master the art of the chase down block, a play in which it seems the offense player is on the verge of getting a pretty uncontested finish at the basket when James seemingly appears out of thin air too deny them of the two points. In terms of what these two players mean to their team, last season James finished with a player efficiency ranking of 31.69, a mark second only to Michael Jordan’s 31.89 in 1988.

In terms of their productivity in relation to their team success, Bryant has been blessed. For the first eight seasons of Bryant’s career, Bryant had the luxury of playing with the game’s most physically dominant and imposing player of all time in Shaquille, and a great supporting cast. Out of the four championships that Bryant has he has only led his team to one. The first three Laker championship teams were O’Neal lead, and Bryant complimented. In only James fourth season he led his lowly Cavaliers all the way to the NBA finals, where they were swept by the Spurs. Much is said about Bryant’s closing ability, however, during the 2007 playoffs James provided us with maybe the most clutch playoff performances of all time. IN Detroit against a very good Detroit Pistons team, James scored 29 of the Cavaliers last 30 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, capping the game off with a game winning lay up.

During the 2007 Playoffs James pushed the eventually Champion the Celtics to seven games, scoring 45 points against Boston in the TD garden and almost upsetting the Celtics. When Bryant’s talented Lakers squad met the Celtics in the finals, Bryant struggled to do the thing he does best score. The Lakers didn’t have any close games Boston and was defeated in six games. If James could push the Celtics to there absolute limit with his lack of a supporting cast, why Couldn’t Bryant do at least the same or better with his overwhelmingly gifted Lakers team. There career averages goes as followed, James through seven seasons 27.6 point, 6.7 assists, 7.0 rebounds, and a field goal percentage of 47.2. Bryant through 14 seasons 25.2 points, 4.6 assists, 5.3 rebounds, and shot 45.5 percent.

Kenny Smith summed it up the best when asked who was better “Lebron is better. He has squeezed every once out of Cleveland.” I couldn’t have put it any better myself. Last season with a starting back-court that were a combined 6’2.5, a starting center who really doesn’t block shots and rather shoot jumpers than bang inside, and a high energy hustle man as the starting power forward; James led the Cavaliers to an astonishing 66-16 record. What 66 wins for the Cavaliers? To put that into perspective the Jordan led Bulls during the second three peat year’s average 66.67 wins. James, with his roster motivated them so much that they actually believed they had the best roster in the League. Lebron made this season his personal wrecking shop as he improved significantly in areas that critics said were once flaws. His shooting, James’s shot 49 % from the field and 34 % from three. His defense, James averaged 1.7 steals and 1.2 blocks, finish second in the defensive player of the year award.  In every season, but especially last season, James took the art of putting a team on his back to a whole another level.

Finally, James gets the nod as the better player, simply because time and time again he defies the inevitable. There is certain things in life, sports, etc that are just supposed to happen. However, James has shown that he has a problem with that. In the 2007 playoffs the Cavaliers shouldn’t have even been in the conference finals, let alone defeat the heavily favored Pistons in seven games. Last season, the Cavaliers, we ranked as low as fourth in the pre season polls by most analysts, and they probably should have struggled to manage 55 win; but to win 66. There is no way that would have happened if James wasn’t the reality defying player that he is.

When examining these two players what needs to be thought about is this; Kobe Bryant with all of his flawlessness, his championship, his work ethic and scoring ability, in his 14 season is being compared to a 24 year old who many would say unpolished, and hasn’t one a single NBA title. The fact that these two are in the same argument says a lot, and the fact that many if not half would give James the nod as the better player validates my opinion to the fullest extent. Written November 30,2009.

The Definitive Explanation Of Why LeBron Is Better Than Kobe | Bleacher Report

Apr 20, 2010

Like Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson & Larry Bird two decades before them, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will likely forever be linked together. There is no argument that between them, they represent the two elite competitors in the NBA…

It just won’t be the same Lebron: A city in anguish after the

Departure of Savior

All the speculation and anticipation came to a halt last night when Lebron James announced that he would take his talent to South Beach to join stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. As soon as news broke, the components of jubilance, relief, anguish and sorrow filled the air like bad mixtures during a chemistry experiment. One city overwhelmed with happiness, four others with disappointment, and one with unexplainable pain and emptiness as the Leagues marquee face made his decision.

However, was it the right one? I have no doubt that if not this season, in seasons to come the Heat will win its first of multiple championships. But was this best for Lebron’s total legacy, his potential top ten, or even top five placements? From someone who believes that he’s Lebron biggest fan, I think Lebron legacy took a major hit last night.

Basketball is the only sport in which one player can win games by themselves. In which regardless of the odds being stacked against them, an exceptional individual performance can be enough for the victory on any given night in basketball. And that’s where the glory of the game derives from. The fact that you can have a loaded roster versus a team with one great player, but that player is a Michael Jordan, or Larry Bird, or an Allen Iverson; and more recently Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, a Dwayne Wade. With players of that caliber, you are never completely out of any game because of what those guys are proven to do. I wasn’t born during the 1986 playoff series between the Bulls and Celtics. And although the Bulls got swept by the mighty Celtics, the mere idea that victory was possible because of one man may have been temporarily fulfilling enough. Especially during game 2, when Celtic defender after Celtic defender could helplessly do nothing as a skinny young kid from Wilmington by the name of Michael Jordan devastated the Boston with an NBA playoff record points. Or in 2001, when the Lakers swept through the first 3 rounds of the NBA playoffs only to lose game one defeated at the hands of a mere six footer. That day Philadelphia’s guard Allen Iverson scored a triumphant 48 points against the Shaq and Kobe lead Lakers leading his team to an overtime victory in Los Angeles. Or how about my personal favorite that came in game five of the 2007 Eastern Conference finals. At the Palace of Auburn Hills with the series tied at two games apiece, with the Pistons expected to take control of series, a 22 year old Lebron James would not be denied. James went on to put on a top five playoff performance, scoring 29 of 30 of the Cavs last points including 25 straight and the game winner as the Cavs won in double Over Time. At 25, I understand the urgency to want to win, but I don’t see the direness in the situation. His team has only been in contention to win for the past 2 seasons. Both years as the pressure increased his teammates didn’t give him much help, the difference is in 2009 he did all he could while in 2010 he had a more than forgettable series.

The joy that comes with victory is more fulfilling when you repeatedly experience the agony of defeat. Michael Jordan’s Bulls lost to Detroit three consecutive years, each year go further the previous one only to suffer heart. The Pistons first defeated him in the conference semis, then the conference finals in six, the conference finals in seven. Each defeat hurt more because he inched closer to victory than he did the previous year.  It wasn’t until meeting the “Bad Boys” a fourth time that Jordan was finally able to get past his greatest obstacle on his way to winning his first NBA championship. Many analyst, fans, and sports personnel all agree that if Lebron can win some rings, Michael Jordan may be the only thing standing between him and the G.O.A.T title. Knowing that, why would he want to win a championship as anything less than the de facto man, the unquestioned leader? Yes winning is the most important thing because NBA greats such as Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins, and Allen Iverson will forever get left out of conversations because they never won one. However they left the game more accomplished than they can be without winning the most coveted prize in Professional basketball. There’s a way to go about obtaining championship, and for Scottie Pippen, Kevin McHale, and James Worthy winning as the second option is more than great and acceptable. However, for Jordan, Bird, Magic, Shaq, Duncan, and Kobe (controversially stating) that isn’t okay. It also isn’t okay, for “The Chosen One”, “The King”, the savior of a city so deep in the hells of sports failure, that it would’ve taken a God to save them. Only that was the case, with what you’ve accomplished in Cleveland during these last seven years was nothing short of amazing. Attendance through the roof, division championships, conference championships, a finals appearance, you truly turned Hell into “Heaven in Cleveland”. You performed cultural CPR on a place that has flat lined years ago, only to kill them again Lebron? I’m all for you wanting to win championship, but was this way to handle it, in this fashion? Leaving was one thing, but making some public service announcement was another, and something that was very much out of line. You had to know the grief that would fill the hearts of Clevelanders after your decision was made on national TV. If not stay why not at least spare them the agony and humiliation. As for your legacy, are you going to be happy when you are looked at as the man who need not star complements to win, but two other prime time superstars to get rings? Is this what you wanted while you gave the NBA maybe its biggest Cinderella story in the games history? Is this what you defied reality for when you defeated the Pistons, went to a championship, and led your team to back to back league leading 60 win seasons? Did you spend seven years performing surgery as the lead neurologist only to turn your scalpel in for the carrying tray of a lead nurse? Lebron, at the end of your playing days you were supposed to end as followed: 40,000 points, over 8000 assist and rebounds, over 1000 Blocks, with over 2000 steals. That with about two or three champions would’ve possibly put you in the top five of all time. However, all of that was disregarded when this decision to go to Miami (seen by many as a bailout due to his inability to lead) was made. Why are you being managed by friends who will most likely tell you what you want to hear? People who don’t know much about the history of the game or what things like this can and has done to your once rapidly growing legacy? Why do this to those who once kissed the ground you walked on? Why do this to a place that you were sent to grant salvation on, like the Moses of Cleveland? However, more important than all Lebron, why do this to yourself?

So this season as you and your teammates are blowing teams out of the arena, it won’t be a surprise. No longer will you be playing in a house that you basically built. In a city where you are the proud son and savior of a town where the only thing people had to look forward to was the glory that came with your game, your charisma, your marketability. Rooting for you once meant so much more for your fans and I because you simply made it so easy. You were the perfect “from rags to riches story”, a hometown hero. How fitting that a player with perhaps the most unique skill set in league history, was born and raised just short miles from the city who needed him far more than anyone else. The fact that you took the weight of Ohio on your broad shoulders and not walked, but ran with it across the world without once having to stop and load it back on correctly; made millions especially myself proud to be your fan. So as you grace South Beach with your charisma and game, just know that as much as myself and others will still be rooting for you, it just wont be the same.


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